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Beginner’s Guide

Wax - Factory sealed boxes which contains sealed packs that contains cards.

Sets - The variations of cards within a certain sport. For example, Panini NFL has different sets such as Mosaic, Prizm, Absolute... etc. Each contains cards with the same players but with different artwork, appearance, and values.

Packs - Units which contain different amount of cards depending on sport and set chosen.

Breaks - The opening of the boxes, which the content will be shipped to the buyer.

Slabs - Cards that are graded by grading services such as PSA, Beckett... etc. Graded cards have much higher value compared to naked raw cards.

Personals - The buyer maybe purchase any wax / packs of their choice. All of the cards contained in the wax / packs will be sent to the buyer regardless of teams.

Team Breaks - Event which a player is randomly assigned a team along with multiple other contestants, and one or multiple boxes will be opened. The cards from the team that the buyer was assigned will be shipped to the player.

Pack Wars - Competition between multiple players. Each person buys a pack of sport cards. The person who pulls the highest value card will win all other players' cards.

Slab War - A 1-on-1 battle between two players. A slab of choice will be put up for half the price, once two players purchases their spots in the war, the card will be randomly raffled between the two players, winner takes the card. Loser will be compensated with cards of lower value. Ex: $600 card is put up for war, two players each pay $300, the randomly chosen winner takes the card for $300, loser receives compensation cards.

PYT - Pick Your Team, players purchases their spot in a NBA or NFL team (each at different prices depending on the team's popularity, card values, etc.). Once enough players fill the break, the waxes will be opened and cards of the player's team will be sent to the player.

Filler - In the event a Team Break or PYT Break does not fill up, fillers will be put up for sale on the store. Multiple players can purchase their spots in the filler at a fraction of the price of purchasing a team. Then the winner will be randomly chosen, which will then be entered into the break for the price that they paid for the filler spot.

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